2020 Gift Guide

Looking for the purrfect holiday gift? Look no furrther! We've got pawsome gift options that are sure to please everyone on your list, both feline and human. 

Stocking Stuffers:
  1. Catnip Bud Grinder: The perfect companion to our high-quality catnip buds, ensuring your cat gets the most fragrant, potent 'nip trip possible!
  2. Catnip & Honeysuckle Bubbles: Need an exciting and mess free way to stimulate your feline friend? Look no fur-ther! Our Catnip and Honeysuckle Bubbles make holiday pawtys with you and your cat even more fun. Plus, the wand is built into the cap for easy use!
  3. Medical Meowijuana ID: Our medical Meowijuana ID is the ticket to paradise for every cat in a growing number of states. Perfect for every frisky feline.
  4. Sticker Pack: Who doesn't love stickers?! Our Meowijuana sticker pack includes 5 - 3", 5 - 2", and 5 - 4" stickers.
For Four Legged Friends:
  1. Get Blitzed Refillable Reindeer: Getting blitzed is a pawsome way to break the winter blues for your cat. What cat wouldn't love to roll around with a refillable ultra-soft reindeer catnip toy and our dope 'nip? Whether your cat has been naughty or nice this year, playing reindeer games is certain to bring cheer all season long. Up, up, and away!
  2. Silvervine Sticks: Giving your kitties Meowijuana King Size Silvervine Sticks induces a euphoric state that offers a pawsitive way to impact their emotional and physical well-being.
  3. Grand Daddy Purr Cigar Box with Catnip Buds: Our Cigar Box is stuffed with our purremium Grand Daddy Purr Catnip Buds! These Buds are 100% organic and hand-trimmed from the finest and most totally awesome fragrant Catnip Blossoms. A catnip bud grinder is recommended. This will release the fragrant oils your feline so despurrately loves.
  4. Catnip Buds: Our Catnip Buds are the finest ‘Catnibas’ you can get without being pulled over and searched. Our all natural catnip buds are harvested at the peak of the plant’s essential oil production. This gives your cat a far-out (or most-righteous) experience and, for you, an outrageous contact high without anyone turning into a total airhead. To find a more potent and aromatic catnip, you’d need a note from your vet. So go ahead and pick some up today!
For Pet Parents:
  1. Meowijuana Crew Tee with Lifesaver Logo: Rep Meowijuana in style with this super soft t-shirt made from 60% combed ringspun cotton and 40% polyester jersey. Plus, it's been pre-laundered to reduce shrinkage. Winning!
  2. Meowijuana Logo'd Phone grip: Available in black or white, this phone grip offers security so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops. Plus, it functions as a convenient stand so you can watch cat videos on the fly.
  3. Structured Twill Cap with Embroidered Meowijuana Logo: Available in two sizes with an elastic stretch band, this hat is a sure winner in comfort! It has an athletic shape with a curved visor. Purrfect for every day wear.
  4. Meowijuana Hoodie: Stay warm and cozy this winter. Our cotton/polyester blend hoodie is breathable, flexible, and durable. Plus, the kangaroo-style front pocket is perfect for your phone, keys, or anything else you want to stash 👀. With quality, comfort, and style, this hoodie is a triple threat.

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