4 Tricks You Can Train Your Cat to Do

Here at Meowijuana, we're dubbing January as National Train Your Cat Month! Training is a fun way to enhance the bond between pet and owner. Here are some simple tricks you can teach your furry friend. Just make sure you have pawlenty of treats ready! 

On Your Mat & Stay

Lay a flat mat or towel on the floor. When she steps on the cat-mat toss a treat slightly away from the mat, so your cat has to come back for the next round. Gradually introduce using the cue “on your mat.” Once your cat goes to her mat willingly and remains there, introduce the “stay” cue. Use the cat-mat to encourage your cat to stay in a location such as her cat tree while you eat or cook. You can also bring your cat-mat on vacation or to the veterinarian to console your cat during check-ups.


Pair positive experiences and the shake of a treat cup with the word “come.” To do this, put treats in a cup or container and shake and reward until your cat recognizes the sound. Reward your cat when she arrives. Slowly increase the timing between saying “come” and shaking the treats until she comes on cue. Gradually phase out the treats and replace with praises and encouraging head scratches.


You may want to include a hand signal as you give the verbal command to sit. Stand in front of your cat with your treat and say "sit" in a calm and steady voice and hold your hand vertically in a stop sign. Every time your cat sits down when you do this, reward them with the treat.

In the Box (or Cat Carrier)

Most cats will happily jump in a box or explore a bag. Having a direction for this behavior is useful when the time comes to pull out the cat carrier. In fact, pull out the cat carrier long before you ever need it, hiding treats and even feeding your cat or kitten portions of her meal in it. When your cat jumps into the carrier or a box, reward the behavior with a treat. When your cat prompts you, add the cue “in the box.” Gradually add carrying her about in her box/carrier, rewarding her after each ride.

High Five

Start encouraging your cat’s paw movements but treating them every time their paw moves off the ground. Then, wrap the treat in your fist and wait for them to try and grab it with their paw. When they do this, reward them. Gradually start lifting your hand higher and higher. Every time they touch your hand with their paw, reward them. Don't forget to use the verbal command and say "hive five" or "shake paw" as you train them. Your kitty will soon learn that they should give you a high five whenever you extend your hand and say the magic word!

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