5 Things To Know Before You Get A Cat

We LOVE cats. Of course, we do! We sell catnip toys and CBD products our furry pals. We do know though that some people have misconceptions about cats and kitten pet parenting. We offer 5 things to know before you get a cat so you're prepared to share your life with these furry felines. 

Are you ready for cat ownership 101? 

5 Things To Know Before You Get A Cat 

Cats need mental stimulation. If your kitten or cat is left to her own devices, you may come home to shredded toilet paper, clawed curtains or scratched up carpeting. Give your cats toys to play with when you're not home to keep them entertained. 

Cats and kittens are escape artists. They may not dash out the door (although they can so be aware of them) and keep them safe. Cats can, and many will, open cupboard doors. They will get to the highest spaces they can reach. They will hide away in closets and warm, dark spaces. If you are worried about where your cat or kitten is, have him wear a breakaway collar with a bell. 

Cats get the zoomies in the middle of the night. This is not a myth; cats love to wake us up at night and they will dash around the house, knock stuff off the shelves and howl. We don't know why -- perhaps it's because they sleep all day! Play with your kitty before you go to sleep. Give them catnip toys to chase, feather toys to play with and a laser light to dash after. Tire them out and you just might be able to sleep through the night. 

Cats aren't as solitary as you have heard. If you're adopting a kitten, you may want to adopt two. They truly aren't more trouble to have two (yes, your veterinarian bills will be higher and you will need to scoop the litter box more often) and two kittens will keep each other entertained. 

Cats need to scratch. If you don't provide your cat or kitten a place to scratch, he will scratch inappropriate items. Place scratching posts throughout your house. Invest in scratching posts of different materials -- sisal rope, logs, corrugated cardboard, sandpaper. Each material feels different to the cat's paws and not all cats like the same feeling. Offer vertical and horizontal scratching posts. To get your cat to use the scratching post, sprinkle some catnip on it! 

Cats love their humans. They crave attention and may even let you rub their bellies. Cats love us and we love them! 

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