Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

Truly, are we still talking about this? Black cats as bad luck? Have you ever looked at a black cat? They are regal, beautiful and striking in their grace. Black cats are just as much bad luck as a calico, a white cat, a tortie or a Siamese – in other words, not bad luck at all.

Here are some of the myths that surround black cats. We think it’s about time these myths are busted, right? Paws up if you agree!

Are Black Cats Bad Luck?

Myth #1: Black cats are bad luck. If a black cat crosses your path, so what? It is no different than a cat of any other color crossing your path. In fact you should make a point of stopping to admire or even pet any cat that crosses your path.

Myth #2: Black cats were associated with witchcraft and with being harbingers of doom. It was believed their black coloring let them blend in with the dark of night – when evil things happened.

Myth #3: People once believed they needed to stay away from black cats if they were ill. In the 16th century it was believed that if a black cat lie on the bed of a sick person, that the sick person would soon die.

Ponder this: In the south of France black cats are considered “magician cats” and are believed to bring their owners good luck. Black cats were also chosen to accompany ships on long voyages because they were believed to bring good luck. Even the wives of sailors would keep a black cat as a pet because they believed it would help keep their loved ones safe while they were at sea.

Here are some reasons to love black cats:

  1. Holding a black cat will make you look thinner. Black is slimming!
  2. Black (cats) go with everything!
  3. Black cat hair won’t show up on your clothing.
  4. You will never lose your black cat in a snow storm.
  5. Black cats don’t need a Halloween costume

Here is a black cat fact we wish weren’t true

Black cats languish in shelters. Black cats (and black dogs) are continually overlooked when families are adopting a new family pet. Please kick the myths to the curb and find out just how loving and wonderful a black cat is!

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