Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Cat

Did you know that December 15 is Cat Herder’s Day? Ask anyone who lives with even ONE cat and he or she will tell you, it is virtually impossible to get a cat to move where you’d like him to. If you nudge a kitty with your foot to get him away from the food cupboard he will skirt the movement. 

 If you’re sitting on the couch with a cat on your lap and you need to get up, she will flow, like water, from one leg to another and you will become a contortionist in order to move!

Fun Ways To Celebrate Your Cat

 What is the origin of National Cat Herder’s Day?

This is what we discovered. It’s a day to celebrate those people who face daily frustrations of managing the unmanageable and for those facing insurmountable daily tasks. Dave Platt, an IT expert is said to have coined the phrase that “managing senior programmers was like herding cats.” From that utterance, the phrase made its way into our conversations.

 Cats are independent, sometimes solitary, can be easily distracted by a movement, a feather, a catnip mouse or other items. When your cat is focused on something, he is stubborn and may refuse to be moved.

 Will you likely be literally herding cats today? Probably not, but if you’re working with individuals whom you simply cannot round up and get a decision from or a project completed, you just might feel like you’re herding cats yourself!

 What can you do to celebrate this cat-centric phrase that is now a holiday?

  1. Let your cats be cats!
  2. Embrace their unique personality
  3. Enjoy the time they spend on your lap
  4. Be careful where you walk especially if your cat loves to thread himself through your legs as you do
  5. Give your cat a new catnip toy or some catnip sprinkled on his scratching post. 
  6. We believe in taking any available opportunity to celebrate our feline friends so herd away!

 Show us your “herd” of cats! Trust us, we know a group of cats is a clowder, but it’s not national herd your clowder day! 

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