Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for the purrrfect gift for your furry family member? Look no fur-ther! We've compiled a list of gifts that are sure to make even the pickiest kitty have a holly jolly Christmas. Click the links to learn more about each product.

Stocking Stuffers

1. Medical Meowijuana ID - Our medical Meowijuana ID is the ticket to paradise for every cat in a growing number of states. Perfect for every frisky feline.

2. Catnip Cigar Toy - This paw-some catnip cigar comes already filled with Meowijuana goodness and is sure to be a hit with any kitty. Makes a GREAT gift to pass to the left paw side!

3. 1oz Catnip Spray - One of the most potent catnip oil sprays on the market! We take our 100% organic catnip buds, extract the essential oil, and mix it with purified water. 

4. Grand Daddy Purr Cigar Box - Our Cigar Box is stuffed with our purremium Grand Daddy Purr Catnip Buds! These Buds are 100% organic and hand-trimmed from the finest and most totally awesome fragrant Catnip Blossoms. A catnip bud grinder is recommended!

5. Catnip Bud Grinder - The perfect companion to our Grand Daddy Purr Cigar Box, ensuring your cat gets the most fragrant, potent 'nip trip possible!

6. King Size Meowy J's - A purrfect one-time nip session for your furry friend. These Catnibas™ King Meowy J’s are stuffed full of our organic catnip and rolled in king sized RAW papers.

7. MJ's Sprinkles - Shake a lil' of MJ's Sprinkles on your feline's food to add variety and love to your cat’s mealtime! Our beautifully crafted mixes of catnip and herbs create a delightful topper that will add more flavor to your kitty's life! 

For The Anxious Kitty

1. Skullcap - Skullcap has a calming effect on your kitty. Not only does it relieve their nervous tension, it won't leave your kitty drowsy. Purrfect for high strung cats, it relaxes their body and not their mind - supporting normal sleep patterns and improving vitality!

2. Catnip and Honeysuckle Spray - Send your kitties into a field of Honeysuckle heaven with a spray of our Honeysuckle and Catnip oil blend on their scratcher, favorite bed, or teaser.

3. Mice Dreams - After a strenuous, fatiguing day of bathing in the sun and cleaning one's self, every kitty deserves Mice Dreams! A divine blend of catnip, passion flower, and lavender, plucked from the most lush soils in all the land.

4. Shrimp & Crab Crunchie Munchies - A carefully crafted Shrimp and Crab flavored treat with a catnip and valerian root flavored center. So satisfying, your cat will have to fight the urge to go back for more after falling in love with this one-of-a-kind edible. The purrfect bite!

5. Silvervine Sticks - Giving your kitties Meowijuana King Size Silvervine Sticks induces a euphoric state that offers a pawsitive way to impact their emotional and physical well-being.

For The Couch Potato Kitty

1. Jump 'n' Jamb - Simply fill the pocket with some of our dope 'nip, clamp the hanger to your door frame, and watch your cat fly high!

2. Kalico Kush - Some of that good good ‘nip and valerian root mixed into one bottle of calm and collectiveness! Kick back and chillax with this dose of tranquility. It will put your dear kitty on cloud nine.

3. Winter Lift - We've taken our award-winning 'nip and blended it with peppermint, cranberry shavings, and silvervine to create a bright and cheerful mix that'll have your kitties jumpin' for joy!

4. Get Stuffed Refillable Stocking - There is no better way to treat your kitties this holiday season than with their own stocking filled with our dope ‘nip. Regardless of their behavior, your kitties deserve the best holiday right meow.

5. Happy Grass - We took our dope 'nip and added a dash of lemongrass to elevate your kitty's idea of playtime purrrrrrfection. Shake a little on your kitty's bed or on their scratcher and they will say, "I love you right Meow." 

6. Get Twisted Refillable Candy Cane - Give your kitty a new twist this holiday season! Bring on the cheer with our Get Twisted Candy Cane refillable catnip toy!

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