How To Celebrate Your Cat In 2020

It’s a new year, a new decade and a new chance to celebrate your cat(s). At Meowijuana we celebrate our love of cats, catnip and all things that cats love and the joy they bring to our lives.

There are times, though when pet parents need a reminder to slow down and pet the cats they share their lives with.

How can you celebrate the cats in your life in 2020 and beyond?

These are our favorite tips:

  1. Keep them on a schedule. You may think that cats can’t tell time, but their body clocks alert them to the fact that it’s dinner time! Cats love routines. Feed them on a regular schedule.
  2. Keep their litter box clean. Have enough litter boxes for the number of cats you have in your house. Scoop your cat’s litter boxes at least once a day – maybe more depending on how many cats use it. Cats are fastidious and do not want to use a dirty box.
  3. Refresh their bedding. Cats love a cozy place to sleep and that place can get dirty over time. Wash their bedding regularly. Drop a few pieces of catnip into the newly cleaned bed as a treat and as a way to lure them back to it once their scent has been washed away.
  4. Give them a good place to scratch. Cats need to have a way to exercise their instinct to scratch. Give them a variety of different types of scratching post materials, vertical and horizontal posts and have posts in different areas of the house.
  5. Play with your kitty. Some cats will play fetch. Some cats love feather toys. Other cats love nothing more than to chase a laser light. Your cat may be happier when he has his own catnip toy or catnip sprinkled scratching post or bed. If your cat loves “the nip” make sure you’re giving her fresh catnip and let her play and roll around in it to her heart’s content.
  6. Make time to snuggle your kitty. So many non-cat people believe that cats don’t welcome attention from their humans, but they do. Cats love a good scratch behind the ears, they want to sit on your lap when you’re watching television and they may just love to be picked up and carried around the house with you. You may also have the rare kitty who welcomes a belly rub!
  7. Talk to your kitty. Some cat breeds are very vocal. If you talk to them, they will “talk” back. Your cat will learn his or her name and some will even come running when you call them.

If you’re sharing your life with a cat find time for bonding, playing and conversation!

 How will you celebrate 2020 and your cat? Please leave us a comment below or share on our Facebook page!

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