How To Help Your Cat Relax

Ask any cat parent and you will probably hear about how many hours their kitty sleeps during the day, right? It doesn’t seem like you need to know how to help your cat relax because they are professional nappers. Well, until the middle of the night when they decide to give into their nocturnal instincts and jump, howl and prowl.

Keep in mind that exercise is necessary and great for your cat – no matter his or her age. When your cat exercises, whether you’re playing with a feather toy, refillable rocket or refillable fish or tossing some catnip onto his cat tree or scratching post, playtime is a way to bond with your feline companion.

How To Help Your Cat Relax 

Here are a few ways to give your kitty some exercise (you may want to modify some of these games based on your kitty’s health and age) 

  1. Chase the laser light! Have you ever met a cat who didn’t want to catch that laser light? We haven’t. When you’re playing with the laser light, never point it at your kitty’s eyes. Let your cat chase it along the floor or up and down his cat tree.
  2. Feather toys or catnip-stuffed toys. These toys are another interactive way for you to get your kitty running, jumping and pouncing on that feather. This toy helps your cat do what comes naturally – hunt.
  3. Take a walk. Some cats love to be in a harness and on a leash and get into the great outdoors to explore. They will welcome the warm earth beneath their paws and the opportunity to pounce on bugs, chase blades of grass and warm themselves on the sunny porch. Most cats can be trained to wear a harness and walk on a leash – be patient and use positive reinforcement. Give your cat a crunchie munchie treat when she lets you put the harness and leash on her.
  4. A treat-filled toy. Cats are hunters. Give them a food puzzle toy that gives them the opportunity to toss the toy around, chase it and play with it and be rewarded with a treat that falls out!

Whew. Sounds like a lot of “work” for your kitty, right?! LOL Well, if that’s the case, after your cat has had a strenuous day of bathing, lying in the sun, washing herself and playing with you, treat her to some Mice Dreams. This is a wonderful blend of catnip, passion flower and lavender. The ingredients are grown in lush soils in the United States and Canada. Remember, as with anything with your cat, use catnip in moderation in order to get the full effect. You may even find that with Mice Dreams your kitty will let you sleep through the night because she will, too!

These are just a few of our favorite ways to give our kitties exercise and bond with them. After a rousing game, we love to snuggle up with our kitty and listen to those contented purrs.

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