How To Keep Cats Safe On Halloween

Trick-or-treat!? We cats just don’t get it. Naturally, we should be treated every day and we don’t appreciate being tricked. When it comes to Halloween, we know the little “monsters” will be out in full force. They will be dressed as princesses, goblins, zombies and superheroes.

We know that our cat parents wouldn’t dare dress us in a costume – let’s face it, we are beautiful, graceful and much too regal to wear a silly hat or costume. Halloween, though can be a scary time for all pets – yes, even dogs! – and because of that we have some tips to keep your cats safe on Halloween.

halloween cat safety tips

  1. Keep us indoors. Everyone knows that indoor cats live longer, healthier lives than cats allowed to roam. We indoor cats get our kicks from playing on our cat trees and rolling around on freshly sprinkled cat nip. Gather up your cats and keep them inside once the sun goes down on Halloween.
  2. Keep us away from doors. If you insist on opening the door and handing out candy to the tiny humans, keep us away from the doors. See item one and sprinkle us some fresh ‘nip and put is in a quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of the door. We may get scared and bolt off into the night and that’s not safe.
  3. Keep us away from the candy. Candy and candy wrappers are not our friends. Yes, we may love the crinkly noises of the candy wrappers, but it can be very unhealthy for us to chew on and potentially swallow candy wrappers. Candy, especially chocolate, can be lethal. Just give us a new catnip filled toy and let us loose on that!

Halloween can be a fun night for the humans, but we’d much prefer a quiet space with a little cat nip, a warm blanket and some peace and quiet, thank you very much!



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