How To Make Easter Fun For Your Cats

We know. We know! Cat parents want to find ways to make the holidays fun for their feline family members and that means looking for ways to make Easter fun for your cats.

While we believe that our kitties are safer if they are indoors, if you have a cat who loves walking on a leash, take her out to explore and find an Easter egg or two.

Our cats are members of the family. They love to be with us. They want to be involved. Truly, have you ever wrapped a gift and not had “help” from your cat? Our cats want to spend time with their humans and there’s no reason they can’t be part of the Easter holiday fun!

How To Make Easter Fun For Your Cats

By nature cats are hunters. Feed into that need to indulge in their instinctual behaviors by giving them a chance to “stalk” some prey on Easter. Your kitty also wants you to know that you can do any, or all, of these things regularly – don’t think you need to wait for a holiday!

Hide treats. Yes, you can sprinkle some Meowijuana onto the cat tree and they can roll in it. Yawn! Why not sprinkle Meowijuana catnip or hide a catnip filled toy and let kitty find it. If hide-and-seek is a new game you’re playing with your kitty, show her where the treat is and praise her when she “finds” it.

Stalking Easter fun. Feather toys, catnip bees on a string at the end of a stick gives your kitty something to run and jump after. Our cats need mental and physical exercise in order to stay mentally fit and physically healthy. If your cat has become quite the couch potato, get him up and moving by taking the first step and enticing him to chase the toy.

Bake your cat treats infused with catnip! Bake up some organic treats for your kitty and sprinkle in catnip. It is all right for your kitty to eat catnip with his treats – in fact it is a way to make his treats healthier and more delicious!

Go with the favorites! Sprinkle some Meowijuana on your cat’s cat tree or scratching post or scratch pad. If you’re trying to train your adopted older cat or a kitten (yes, cats can be trained. Read our cat training article here) sprinkle catnip on places you want your kitty to sleep or scratch. This is a way to use positive reinforcement to protect your furniture and have kitty scratch where you want her to.

Keep kitty safe. Easter grass, foil from chocolate eggs, chocolate and other items and foods can hurt your kitty. Keep non-cat-safe items and human treats out of reach. Instead direct your cat toward catnip and catnip-filled toys to distract and entertain her.

Have a happy, healthy and safe Easter with your human and feline family!

Meowijuana is “catnip so good it should be illegal!” Our catnip is 100% natural, grown in the USA, safe and non addictive. It does not contain marijuana, TCH or CBD.

Article by cat-mom Robbi Hess.

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