How Your Cat Communicates

You may not speak “cat” but we’ll bet you understand his body language and the meows, chirps and purrs. Cat parents who take the time to understand their kitty’s language can boast that they know Cat Talk 101.

 Ask yourself?

  1. Does your cat make different sounds when she is hungry? Wants to play? Is angry? We’ll bet she does!
  2. Does your cat greet you at the door with a “welcome home” meow?

 How Your Cat Communicates

Cats communicate in various ways including:

  1. When your cat is content he is happy
  2. This is a sound that is quick and high pitched and is typically preceded by your kitty wanting to be petted or played with.
  3. Meowing which has many meanings and if you pay attention to when your cat is meowing you will be able to decipher what he’s saying.
  4. If you hear a hiss you’d better step away! Cats hiss as a way to vocally defend themselves. If the hiss doesn’t make the threat back off she will back it up with her claws.
  5. Deep-throated growl. This is your cat’s step above the hiss. When you hear that growl it is most likely the last warning before he is mounting an attack.
  6. Chattering teeth. If your cat is looking out the window and happens to see birds, squirrels or other critters, you will probably hear chattering of teeth. This is an instinctual hunting sound.
  7. If you have a cat who isn’t spayed or neutered, a yowl could mean, “I’m in the mood for love!” If you have heard that sound, you know it’s rather annoying!
  8. Slow blinking. When your kitty does this he is showing how comfortable he is around you and could even be saying, “I love you!”
  9. Ears flattened against her head. This goes along with the hissing and growling and is definitely a “beware” action.
  10. Head bumps. This means your kitty is happy to see you but she is also “marking” you as being hers.
If you want to truly see your cat be happy and playful, get down on his level and play with a catnip toy, feather toy or give him some catnip to chew on, roll in and enjoy!

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