It's Catober! - The Universal Birthday For All Cats

Here at Meowijuana, we've dubbed October CATOBER – the universal birthday for all cats! This “birthday” applies to cats who don’t have an official record of their birthday whether that is due to being in a shelter, being found outside, or any other situation where the actual date is unknown.

Nobody wants to see a kitty go without a birthday! When cats are adopted or found, sometimes their new family may give them a new birthday, but for those without a home, this date serves as a universal celebration. Even if you know when your cat’s birthday is, you can still celebrate them and the role they play in your life during CATOBER.

How can you celebrate CATOBER?

If you share your life with a cat, you can do some (or all) of these things to celebrate them:

  1. Refresh their bed - Our catnip sprays are a great way to make your cat's bed feel like home, especially when first bringing a cat home from the shelter!
  2. Get them a new toy - We have lots of toys to choose from! Filled with our organic catnip, your furry friend will spend hours playing with and enjoying these toys!
  3. Give them a little extra attention
  4. Take them to the vet if they haven’t had an annual check up
  5. Give them a special treat with their dinner - Our Crunchie Munchies come in 4 flavors and are a great way to treat your cat!
  6. Buy them a pack of our Birthjays™ Party Sized Catnip Joints as an extra special treat!

If cat parents know when their cats’ birthday is, can they still celebrate CATOBER?

Of course! Who doesn’t want an additional celebration in their life? And don’t your cats deserve more than one party a year?

How can I celebrate CATOBER if I don’t currently have a cat?

Volunteer at the local shelter in celebration of CATOBER. Let the shelter know you’re there because it is CATOBER and you want to have some fun with cats to celebrate this universal cat birthday!

Play with the cats and kittens, snuggle them, scoop litterboxes, or donate items your local shelter needs for the cats in their care.

Plus, take some photos of you and your cats celebrating CATOBER and share them with us on our Facebook page!

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