Reasons To Adopt An Older Cat

“What am I getting into here?” Is what you might be asking yourself when you adopt a kitten or younger cat. For many cat parents, there is infinite joy in choosing a kitten, welcoming him into your home and watching him grow. You are happy to deal with training the kitten to not claw the furniture, climb the curtains or claw at your feet when you walk by the couch or move under the blankets in bed.

We love kittens, BUT we also love older and senior cats. If you’re in the space to welcome a cat into your life and your home, why not choose an older cat from the shelter?

Many older shelter cats are there through no fault of their own.

  1. Their owners were moving away
  2. The cat had medical needs
  3. The owner met someone who was allergic to cats

Reasons To Adopt An Older Cat 

We don’t pass judgment on those cat parents who can’t commit to a lifetime with their cats, but we do want to point out that these older kitties are waiting for a home and for someone to love them.

If you’re looking for reasons to adopt an older cat, we have a few to consider:

  1. You know what you’re getting. The cat will be full-grown so you will know its size, color and shape.
  2. An older cat has already developed her personality. She has life experience and knows what she likes, doesn’t like and whom she loves.
  3. A senior cat who had a home and who is now in a shelter will be so grateful if you provide him a loving home. Many people say that their rescue cats honestly seem to know they’ve been saved.
  4. Many an older cat simply wants a warm bed, a high roost upon which to recline and a human to head bump.
  5. Your older cat will be litter trained.
  6. An older cat, while still playful, will not be as wild and crazy as a kitten!
  7. Cats sometimes live to be sixteen years old, or older, and that means you will have a lot of time together.
Remember, even though you adopt an older cat, you will still want to play with him regularly. Older cats love catnip toys. Older cats love to climb a cat tree. Older cats love, and need to have a scratching post.. Older cats will purr, head bump and snuggle in. What could be better than that?


Show us a photo of the cat you adopted. We just might send you some catnip toys for him or her to play with! Share photos on our Meowijuana Facebook page.

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