The Benefits of Passion Flower

The cat lovers and cat product developers at Meowijuana spend countless hours thinking about and developing catnip blends we know cats will benefit from – and love!

We know that cats’ days can be so stressful! What with all the sleeping, lying in the sun and washing themselves, your cat will enjoy – and deserve – Mice Dreams. The blend of Mice Dreams includes:
1. Catnip
2. Passion flower
3. Lavender (read our article about the benefits of lavender for cats)

What are the benefits of passion flower?
It is known for its therapeutic benefits including:
1. Stress reduction
2. Sleeping aid
3. Helps relax your cat. Cats can suffer from stress and separation anxiety and this blend is ideal!

Passion flower, contrary to popular belief, has nothing to do with passion or romance! In the 15th century, Spanish missionaries saw the unusual flower as a symbol of the crucifixion (probably not what you’d think you’d read on our site, right?! We are just dropping knowledge today).

Humans can ingest passion flower in desserts, medicines, teas, and juices. Cats get their passion flower fix in our Mice Dreams blend.

Passion flower is known for the calming and relaxation effects it imparts. It has been shown to balance the moods of both pets and humans and has no harmful side effects. (You can give your cat catnip every other day, but keep in mind its effectiveness wears off after a few minutes. You need to give your cats a chance to be away from catnip in order for him to experience its effects again. We recommend giving your cats catnip every other day).

If you have a cat who gets her energy in the middle of the night – and most of them do because of their nocturnal natures – Mice Dreams might help her sleep better and that means you will sleep better, too.

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