The Effects And Benefits Of Herbs For Cats

Gardeners just might be their cat’s best friend! Whether you have a kitchen herb garden, a balcony or a garden in your yard, you can grow herbs that will have positive effects and benefits for your cats.

Many herbs are just as healthful and helpful for certain ailments for humans as they are for cats. Before you start tossing herbs into your cat's food or on their scratching pad, you will want to ask your veterinarian whether they are helpful for your cat – especially if your cat is on medications or may have certain underlying conditions.

Effects And Benefits Of Herbs For Cats

Here at Meowijuana you know we love catnip and its benefits for our feline family members! So, let’s get started on the benefits of various herbs.

1. Catnip. This is an herb cats have enjoyed since the beginning of herbs! Catnip can either help your cat relax or give your cat a boost of energy that will have him dashing around the house playing with all the catnip toys you have lying around for him! If you have a cat who is anxious or nervous, give her a sprinkle of catnip in her food or sprinkle some on her cat bed and see if it has soothing effects on her nerves.

2. Valerian root. This herb is a stimulant for most cats. If you have a cat who may need to shed a few pounds, give him some valerian, grab the feather or moon toy and watch him romp and play!

3. Chamomile is found in herbal tea blends designed to help humans get a good, relaxing night sleep. Chamomile can also be found in catnip blends and can be used to help your kitty relax.

4. Thyme may be just what your kitty needs – especially if cat nip has no effect. Cat thyme, we need to warn you, doesn’t have the most pleasing scent but cats seem to be soothed and find contentment when chewing or rolling in it.

5. Licorice root might soothe a cat or kitten who has allergies that causes his skin to itch. Licorice root also has anti-inflammatory properties.

6. Dandelion root is a good-for-your-cat herb. Dandelion root mixed with catnip can help a cat who is itching because of allergies because it, too, contains natural cortisone.

Sure you can give your kitty some good old catnip treats but why not consider a catnip blend like those you will find from Meowijuana and shake it up a bit!

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Article by pet parent Robbi Hess who shares her life with high-energy poodles and three kitties.

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