Three Things To Do To Keep Cats Safe On July 4th

Did you know that July 5th is one of the busiest days at animal shelters? It is. The reason is that on July 4th, the fireworks and crowds strike fear into the hearts of our cats and they may dash off into the night. If you don’t want your beloved cat to be a statistic on July 5th, here are three things to do to keep cats safe on July 4th.

These tips, while pertinent to the Independence Day holiday, are good to keep in mind year round. No one ever wants to think that their cat or kitten has run off into the night, fallen prey to a predator, gotten hit by a car, or even taken into someone’s home and you never see them again.

Three Things To Do To Keep Cats Safe On July 4th

Cats may seem calm, but if their routines are interrupted, if there is loud or unfamiliar noise, if there are strangers in and out of the house, they may hide in a dark familiar place. Sometimes cats just get so panicked that they will run toward whatever will get them away from what is stressing them out and that could very well be the open front door.

The reason cats are anxious on July 4th is because, from their point of view, fireworks are extremely loud. The sound adds to your cat’s anxiety because they may think these unknown sounds threaten their safety.

Remember, no two cats are the same and that’s why it’s important to tailor these suggestions to your unique kitty personality.

Here is what your cats might do:

1. Hide
2. Run out the door (even if they are indoor cats) - they see an opening and they make a dash
3. Growling and hissing
4. Arching their backs
5. Fur standing up
6. Clawing at their cat parent because they are so stressed out

Keep these safety tips at the ready for the Fourth of July holiday.

1. We are proponents of indoor cats (or walk them on a leash or build them a catio so they can explore) but if you have a cat who is indoor/outdoor, make sure you know where your cat is and that he stays indoors all night. If you have a cat who goes in and out, please have him microchipped to help you retrieve him if he gets lost.
2. Stay home with them. If your cat is anxious and is likely to be stressed out if she is home alone while you’re out watching the fireworks displays, you may want to stay home with her or hire a friend, pet sitter, or family member to keep your kitty company. A cat with separation anxiety, who is now faced with an empty house, could claw the furniture, or if you lock her in a room by herself she may be so panicked that she hurts herself.
3. Close the curtains and turn on familiar sounds. If your cat is accustomed to a radio or television playing in the background, keep that on as a way to keep a familiar sound that might drown out the fireworks. If the curtains are closed your cat will be shielded from the flashing lights which are also stress inducing.

Because we know that catnip and CBD can help ease a cat’s anxiety – whether from separation or fireworks, get some catnip, catnip toys and give your cat a treat that might distract her from the sights and sounds.

Article by pet parent Robbi Hess who shares her life with high-energy poodles and three kitties.

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