Why Cats Love Silvervine

It's February and that means it's Pet Dental Health Month! Cats love silvervine which is why we created several blends that include silvervine and silvervine sticks. Silvervine sticks are a great way to keep your cat's gums and teeth healthy, as well as attend to their physical and emotional well-being.

Catnip is a treat that cats love, but sometimes cat parents are looking to shake things up for their kitties. For some cats:

  1. Catnip will rev them up
  2. Catnip will relax them
  3. Catnip will put them into a euphoric state
  4. Catnip has little to no effect (we know, we don’t get it either!)

If you discover your cat doesn’t have much of an interest in catnip, treat her to silvervine.

What is silvervine?

Silvervine is a climbing plant, sometimes known as Japanese catnip, that grows in the mountainous regions of China and Japan. The plant bears fruit that resembles kiwi, but it’s the silver white leaves and flowers that are the “silvervine” in our blends. Silvervine sticks are the natural stems of the plant.

What does silvervine do for cats?

Silvervine has a pungent odor like catnip. It can have an almost immediate impact on your cat. When you give your cat silvervine, he will get into a euphoric state. You may notice he will roll on it, rub his face on it, lick it, and maybe even drool – that’s great! That’s what silvervine is supposed to do! Chewing on silvervine sticks is safe and great for your cat’s dental health since it knocks tartar off their teeth.

Don’t worry that your kitty will experience a long-lasting “high” because the effects of silvervine wear off in about a half-hour. 

How should you use silvervine sticks?

If you’ve tried catnip and find it doesn’t do anything for your kitty, you can offer a silvervine stick. The effects of silvervine can get your cat up and moving. This is ideal if you have an older, overweight, or sedentary cat.

Offer your cat a silvervine stick and stand back while he has the time of his life!

In case you missed it, read about cats and lavender.

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