Why Does Your Cat Love Boxes?

You’ve just bought your cat some catnip, silver vine and catnip toys or even a new cat bed. What happens next? Your cat ignores the new items and hops into the box. Why didn’t you just bit him a box?


If you have spent any time around cats you have discovered they love a good box. It doesn’t matter if they fit into the box or not. They will make it work based on the “if I fitz, I sitz” philosophy.


Why Does Your Cat Love Boxes?


Boxes are cozy. Cats love to have shelter and they love to feel safe. If they’re in an enclosed space like a box they are happy. Yes, we know that not many cats love to be in an enclosed space like a cat carrier, but boxes seem to be a different story!


Cats are sometimes weirdos! We love our cats because they have such unique personalities, right? So what if they initially ignore the toys we so thoughtfully purchased for them in lieu of a box? We know they will eventually abandon the box and play with the toys. Why not toss one of the new toys into the box? How about scratching your fingers on the outside of the box? Your cat will love the attention you’re giving him.


Cats are still wild at heart. Even your indoor cat retains her natural instincts and one of those is to hide in a box and pounce on her prey. You can feed that instinct by giving your cat a toy that mimics prey – a feather toy, for example.


Being in a box can comfort a cat. Give your cat a box with a couple of entrance/exit holes cut in it and place the box in a corner or other out of the way space. Let the cat go in and out and enjoy the space at will. The four, small walls and the closed top of the box will help a stressed out cat find comfort and relief.


The next time you place a catnip or cat toy order, give your cat some time to explore and play in the box. Sit down and enjoy your cat enjoying the box -- we can almost guarantee you will laugh and feel more relaxed! 


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