Why You Should Give Your Cats Silver Vine

Do your cats love catnip? That may sound like a trick question but it’s not. A member of our team has four cats; three of then LOVE catnip the other cat turns his nose up and walks away. When she gives her cat silver vine, though that senior cat is suddenly interested!

Many cat parents give their kitties catnip toys and sprinkle catnip on their scratching posts and scratching trees, but have you ever tried silver vine for your kitty?

Why You Should Give Your Cats Silver Vine

What is silver vine?

It is a cat attractant that is similar to catnip but isn’t widely known in the cat parent world. Silver vine is collected from plants native to the mountainous regions of eastern Asia. Cat parents in China and Japan give it to their cats the way we give our cats catnip.

When your cat is given silver vine, it puts them into an euphoric state – akin to catnip, but silver vine is more potent (probably why our team member’s senior cat loves it!)

Why should you offer your cat silver vine?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. It’s non-toxic
  2. It is a natural plant product
  3. It is beneficial to your cat
  4. It can help reduce your cat’s anxiety

Some cats prefer silver vine to catnip as a way to enrich their cat’s environment and add to the fun they have during playtime!

Shake up your cat's playtime and mix in some silver vine laced catnip or offer silver vine sticks! 

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1 comment

Julie Hubbert on 2020,03,26

My cats Love it. I just got them the sticks and I already need more!

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