Jar of Buds - Arkansas Blend #17

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Grab some fire from Arkansas, right meow.  This is first year catnip, grown in Hot Springs.

It's a mix of buds/leaf and flake. Smells fragrant, lime green color and potent! It will have your cat scurrying for more. There are some stems, so pick up a grinder, pick them out or place it all in a muslin bag and not worry about it. 

catnip bud grinder is recommended.  This will release the fragrant oils your feline so despurrately loves!

Available in a small jar - which contains a good 30 'nip sessions.

=^..^= A GREAT gift idea! =^..^=

*Not for human consumption*

Catnip can be given every other day to cats, but after a few minutes, its effectiveness wears off and your cat will need to be away from the catnip for a while in order to experience a reaction again. Catnip may not be well received by cats under a year old.



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