Amazing Cat Facts To Impress Your Friends

Cat lovers unite! If you share your life with a cat or a kitten (or more than one cat or kitten), chances are you share photos on your social media pages and with your work colleagues. “Hey, look how adorable Fluffy is sleeping on the bed!” We know who you are because that’s what we do, too!

We rounded up a cadre of amazing cat facts that you can use to impress friends and family. Once you read through these you are almost assured to win the next cat trivia contest you enter!

Amazing Cat Facts To Impress Your Friends 

  1. Your cats’ sense of smell is more than 14-times more acute than yours. This means, if you can smell the litter box, it is even stronger for your kitty – scoop it!
  2. A cat can rotate his ears almost 180 degrees. If there’s something you don’t want her to know, you’d better do it out of her earshot!
  3. The average lifespan for a domestic cat is sixteen years. If your cat is eight-years-old, he is middle-aged and his age is the equivalent to forty-years-old in human life.
  4. Cats need meat in order to thrive and live a healthy life. Meat contains amino acids and those are vital for a healthy cat life.
  5. Did you know that your cats prefer their food room temperature or warm; they don’t appreciate cold food.
  6. A cat’s heart beats about 140 times a minute. The average human heart rate is 80 beats per minute.
  7. The nose print of a cat is as unique as the fingerprint of a human.
  8. Your cat can make about 100 different sounds. A dog, by comparison, only makes about ten sounds. That is truly something to appreciate the next time you and your cat have a conversation, right?
  9. Cats don’t meow at one another to communicate – they will hiss, growl, snort or purr. Their meows are saved exclusively for their humans. The next time you talk with your cat, don’t feel crazy – they’re listening and talking back!
  10. Cats have twelve whiskers on each side of their mouth.
  11. Never trim your cat’s whiskers. Doing this can change her behavior. They perceive the world around them through their whiskers. This is another reason to use food and water bowls that have low sides so their whiskers don’t touch the bowl.
  12. Did you know that cats lick their fur in order to taste the substances that are secreted by their bodies and this helps normalize their behavior? Hhhmmm does this mean that if your cat doesn’t lick himself that he is a little kooky?
  13. If you’re allergic to cats, you are more likely to be allergic to a male cat than a female cat.
  14. Your cat will rub against you or bump against your head because she is “marking” you as hers. When a cat bumps or rubs against you she is marking you with her scent.
  15. Almost all cats love the smell of valerian. It is a magnetic scent for them and that’s why we’ve put it into our Meowijuana catnip link – we know what cats love!
  16. Finally… cats can spend more than two-thirds of their day sleeping! That means when they are awake (sometimes you know it happens in the middle of the night!) they will want to play and they will probably want to play with you!

What is your favorite cat fact? What cat facts did we miss here that you’d like to add? Share it on our Meowijuana Facebook page.


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Josette Zahnle on 2020,02,12

Cats can PURR you better.

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