How To Introduce Your Cat To Catnip

We have heard that some cat moms and dads don’t give their kitties catnip! There was no reason other than they just didn’t think about it! At Meowijuana we know that cats LOVE catnip and if your kitten or adult cat hasn’t used catnip, we have ways to introduce your cat to catnip. He or she will thank you for it!

Catnip causes different reactions in different cats. Some cats get in touch with their wild side. They nibble or roll in catnip and get the zoomies. Other cats get all chill and mellow. You won’t know how your cat will react until he’s had a chance to get his catnip fix. 

Cats love to play as much as they love to sleep. When they aren’t lounging in a patch of sun, on top of your refrigerator or atop a cat tree, they enjoy jumping, pouncing and getting in touch with their inner tiger.

Indoor cats can get overweight if all they do is eat and sleep so it’s up to the cat parent to grab a cat toy, feather toy, catnip filled ball or a laser pointer and get your kitty up and moving.

How To Introduce Your Cat To Catnip

Go slow. Don’t just buy a jar of Meowijuana, dump it on your cat’s cat tree and leave. Sprinkle a bit of our high quality, grown in the USA catnip on the tree, call your kitty over and see how he reacts. Does he approach it with caution? Does he pounce on it, eat it and roll in it? How does he react once he’s done? Pay attention to his behaviors and treat accordingly.

Make it a game. We have designed toys that are unique and ideal for a cat’s style of play. Put a little catnip into the pouch on the toy then toss it to your kitty. Watch how she kicks it, chases it and nibbles on it. Your cat may even drag it to her favorite warm, dark space and enjoy it in private – that’s all right!

Offer a tasty treat! You can sprinkle a little catnip on your kitty’s food to enhance what they’re eating for breakfast and dinner. Don’t be heavy-handed with it – just a sprinkle is all you need! Read the ingredients in our various blends and choose the one that best suits your kitty – a calming catnip or a catnip that inspires zoomies!

Speaking of catnip treats… Meowijuana has some special blends and flavors in our catnip treat line. Cats love treats as much as your dogs do. You can use catnip treats to train your cat. Yes, cats can be trained! If your cat scratches the scratching post instead of your couch – give her a treat! You can teach your cat to sit, give you a high five or even walk on a leash. Use positive reinforcement training and reinforce the good behaviors with a yummy treat!

Article by pet parent Robbi Hess who shares her life with high-energy poodles and three kitties and truly understands how catnip for dogs helps her pups chill!

We would love to see your beautiful cats and how much they love their catnip! Share photos on our Meowijuana Facebook page!

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Ashley on 2021,07,14

I recently bought the honeysuckle & catnip mix (honeysuckle haze) and my vat loves it!
However after giving my baby as much as they wanted, I saw on the bottle that the product might not take well with cats under 1 year old.
Why is this? I’m concerned because my cat is exactly that.

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