Reasons To Love Cats

We love cats! Obvs, right? If we didn’t we wouldn’t be so dedicated to creating the best catnip products on the market! We asked the team at Meowijuana why they love cats and here are some of the reasons they gave.

Reasons To Love Cats

Cats embrace the “if I fitz, I sitz” motto. Their limber furry bodies almost appear as if they are liquid. If you’re a cat parent you know what we mean. They can get themselves into the smallest of spaces and still look somewhat comfortable. If they are sitting on our lap or sleeping on our legs and we want to move, they won’t get up, they will just slither over us and remain where they were before we had the “nerve” to move.

Their tongues are intriguing. Dogs have such smooth tongues and when they lick us, it is an almost soothing feeling. When our cats lick us with their sandpaper tongues we know they are blessing us with their love and that they are grooming us as if we were one of their clowder. The cat tongue is useful for grooming and for catching prey. If you have indoor-only cats you will want to feed their need to hunt by giving them catnip toys to play with and chase.

We can get lost in their eyes. A cat’s eyes are as unique as the cat him- or herself. They glitter. A cat’s eyes can be yellow, gold, green, blue or a mix of the shades. They sense subtle movements that we may not even notice – this helps them survive in the wild. Cats truly can see at night; the reason is they only need about one-sixth of the light that the human eye does in order to see in low, or no, light.

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