Why Does My Cat Do That? Insights Into Quirky Behavior

Cats. We love 'em, but there are times when they are just a little bit weird or quirky, right? Of course, but then humans have quirks and the ones our cats have are what make them so precious to us. 

Why does my cat do that? 

We have done a round-up of odd cat behaviors and the reasons why they do some of the things they do that make us love them so much! 

Laying on your stuff. If you've ever tried to work on a computer and have had your cat come in and lie down on the keyboard you may have wondered, "what is up with that?!" The reason your cat lays on your stuff is because he wants to be with you. 

A cat may lay on your keyboard because it's warm. It certainly doesn't seem comfortable, right? 

When your cat lays on your clothes or even your shoes, she is doing it to breathe in your scent and to transfer her scent onto your items. 

Kneading your flesh or a blanket. Kittens will knead their mothers when they are nursing and it is a comfort for them even as adults. Your cat will knead you because your skin is soft and it brings them comfort and joy to be that close to you. 

Teeth chattering. Chances are you have heard your cat's teeth chattering, especially if he is looking out the window at a bird or squirrel or something he can't reach. There is no definite reason for the chattering, but it could be frustration or your cat is loosening his jaw in anticipation of being able to hunt his prey. Cats retain much of their prey drive even if they are indoors all the time.

That is a reason you want to make sure your cats have high places to climb, cat trees or even a box in which to sleep or a dark, warm closet to get away from the hustle and bustle of the house. Feather and other toys will help your cat play and pounce and give into her instincts. 

Sticking their butt in your face. Okay, this is gross. The good news is... yes, there is good news about this! When a cat turns around, lifts his tail and shows you his butt, he is showing you how much he trusts you. Turning his back on someone shows he can relax around you. It's a compliment! If your cat rolls around on the floor or next to you and shows her belly, that is also a sign of trust and that you're doing a great job with your kitty! 

What odd behavior does your cat exhibit? Tell us or show us a picture on the Meowijuana Facebook page




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David Tollison on 2020,06,13

My kitty loves me. Sits in my lap probably 3/4 quarters of the time we are awake. But, if I try took pick her up, she practically claws me to death.

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