Why You Should Adopt A Shelter Cat

Did you know that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month? If you didn't, you do now! We love cats -- naturally! We know that so many of our Meowijuana fans love shelter kittens and cats and support the work shelters do. 

We wanted to take time today and celebrate the shelter cat! We would also love to see a photo of your cat (shelter or not from a shelter) on our Meowijuana Facebook page! 

Why You Should Adopt A Shelter Cat 

There are so many reasons to adopt a shelter cat or kitten or get a kitty from a rescue group, save one from a feral community or find your favorite breed. Cats bring so much to our lives! 

Here we go! 

  1. They are adorable. Cat. Kitten. Have you ever seen one that didn't melt your heart? We haven't. 
  2. They are unique. From their markings to their personalities, no two cats are alike. 
  3. They love their humans. Contrary to popular belief (myth) cats love to be around us. They may not follow us around the way a dog does, but if you call out to your kitty and pay attention to her when you walk through the door, we bet she will start to come running! 
  4. They are funny! Cats and kittens will roll around, jump, climb, howl, chase toys, case laser pointer lights, bunny-kick toys and pounce at you when you walk past. They get into and under and over things and surprise you with their shocked look when you find them. 
  5. You'll save two lives. Two?! Yes! The kitten or cat you adopt will open up a space for a cat or kitten in need and that animal will now be able to come to the shelter until he finds a new family. 
  6. They are lower maintenance than a dog. We LOVE dogs, but if you live in a space that it might not be easy to find grass to walk a dog or if you live in a house or apartment that is small -- a kitty might fight right in. 
  7. They love you unconditionally. Your cat doesn't care if you've been working from home in your sweatpants for months or if you have colored your hair -- or even brushed it! They love you (of course, they may love you more when you fill their food dishes or give them catnip toys, but who doesn't love a full bowl or a treat?!) 

If you can't have a cat where you live, then offer a donation to your local shelter. Better yet, volunteer! You can play with the kitties, scoop litter boxes, sit and pet them and relax with them. 

Show us your kitty! Also, if you have a shelter you want to give a shout out to or perhaps we can send them some free gifts for the cats in their shelter, please comment on this blog or on our Facebook page! 

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