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Top Shelf Gift Bag

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Organic Catnip Grown in the USA & Canada

About This Product

This gift bag contains everything your feline friend needs to have a good time, and then some! Within the Meowijuana Tote Bag, your catnip lovin' buddy will find 6 King Catnibas™ J's,  5 bottles of our premium 'nip - Meowi Waui, Purrple Passion, Kalico Kush, Whisker Tickler, and Mice Dreams -  1 Freshly Rolled Spliff toy filled with our Purrple Passion Catnip, and 1 sticker pack (because what cat doesn't love stickers?)!  Our gift bag is also purr-fect for the cat lover in your life - spread some Meowijuana cheer!

King Catnibas™ J’s are the purrfect one-time nip session for your furry friend. These King Catnibas™ J’s are stuffed full of our organic catnip and rolled in King sized papers. Simply break the J in half, sprinkle the nip and watch your cat roll around in delight! Contains: Approximately 6 sessions per pack - 7 grams of fine grind catnip.

Meowi Waui is the finest catnip that will wangle your miskers. It’s derived from the trimmings of our catnip buds, then hand processed to get the cleanest shake on the shelf. No sticks, no seeds, just some light green kitty weed!

Purr-ple Passsion is a blend of the dopest ‘nip and silvervine combined into one bottle of feline freakiness! It’s been know to turn your fluffy furball into a tail attracting love magnet, that moves to LA and… anyway… Makes for purr enjoyment for all!

Kalico Kush - Some of that good good ‘nip and valerian root mixed into one bottle of calm and collectiveness! Kick back and chillax with this dose of tranquility. It will put your dear kitty on cloud nine.

Whisker Tickler is the dandiest 'nip in the patch. This catnip is infused with a smooth blend of chamomile and dandelion. Thus giving your kitty hours of fur-licking, back-arching, whisker tickling catty delights.

Mice Dreams - After a strenuous, fatiguing day of bathing in the sun and cleaning one's self, every kitty deserves Mice Dreams! A divine blend of catnip, passion flower, and lavender, plucked from the most lush soils in all the land.

Purr-fectly rolled Fresh Cigar catnip toy for your furry friend! This 7" long, 4.25" in diameter feline fatty comes packed full of our high-grade, organic Meowijuana! Makes a GREAT gift to pass to the left paw side! Just make sure to have your cat's Medical Meowijuana Card on hand when the furry 5-0 rolls up! 

Catnip can be given every other day to cats, but after a few minutes, its effectiveness wears off and your cat will need to be away from the catnip for a while in order to experience a reaction again. Catnip may not be well received by cats under a year old.

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Top Shelf Gift Bag

$ 69.99 USD